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How bout them NATS! posted on 04/18/2008

Your Washington Nationals have now lost 12 out of 13 games! The poster child for the franchise, Ryan Zimmerman is not even batting his weight, and Chad Cordero's fastball topped out at a blistering 78mph the other night! Hopefully the Pope blessed that locker room on the way out of town because God knows they are awful right now.....

Hey Jim Bowden, thanks for all that talent you got from the Reds! 

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2008 - 2009 NFL Schedule posted on 04/15/2008

2008 – 2009 Schedule.   Redskins of course grabbing that coveted opening night game on the road against the super bowl champions with a new coaching staff. 

Note the late bye week before the Cowboys come to town.

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Daily Observations posted on 04/15/2008

I'm not currently Horny for Zorny

Jim Gaffigan has a high calorie diet.

Pumpernickel Bread is good.

Adam Carolla is spanish.

This guy looks like the guy from Street Fighter.

More to come...

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Offseason News posted on 04/15/2008

Its still the offseason!

More to come...

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Why I like Cheese! posted on 04/15/2008

1.  It's really good.

2.  It gives you a good reason to eat crackers.  Lets be honest, without cheese, we would have no crackers.  Common knowledge.

3.  You can eat pepperoni with it.  Pepperoni is good.  Once again, common knowledge.

4.  Common on

5.  There is a Bördespeck cheese.  What a beautiful language.

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