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I am a comic living in New York City. I'm a huge sports fan. I'm the kind of guy who can watch a west coast NBA game (even without fantasy implications) until 1 AM and blog the next day about how salary arbitration in baseball is another conspiratorial means of control for the owners. In other words, I'm a sports dork.

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Senator Spector On look at Seattle! posted on 05/15/2008

Am I satisfied with the investigation...I said no, no, no.

Try to make me believe its over...I say no, no, no.I would point the camera at the stuff they wanted to shoot and then hit record.

Sen A Spector from PA is not cool with how the NFL handled this whole thing.  Know what?  Neither am I.  I'm just not ready to go federal on this piece.  The real issue here is that pro sports leagues, despite the big words and demonstrative speaches, have dwindling accountability.  They are the only 'game' in town and that's how they behave.  I think this is the larger issue here.  Forget Spygate (actually don't.  I couldn't believe how easy the despicable Pats got off. And it's not just the video stuff; they thumb their noses at league rules and no one says squat).

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Tennessee Stud posted on 04/09/2008

The Lady Volunteers won the national women's basketball championship on Tuesday.  I thought this story was from...always.  Don't they always win?  Women's basketball stinks.  And no, this isn't some sexist rant about the shortcomings of the women's game (everyone is SO below the rim, coaches have sexual relations with their players and so on).  The women's game hasn't caught up to the men's game.  The difference is, there are more good men's players than there are women's.I know...this is just SO boring

I don't mean that Michael Beasley could beat any girl 1 on 1.  I mean that the top talent is vastly superior to the next level down in the women's game.  This isn't as true with the men's game anymore.  Despite all the problems with AAU, more kids are getting a chance to play more basketball.  You see more of these 'Mid-Majors' every year getting respect in the rankings and having success at the highest levels of basketball.  From George Mason, to Davidson, to Drake, to all the other little upstart schools that can compete with the blue bloods, there is simply more talent in the men's game.

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Los Natos posted on 03/26/2008

The Washington Post has their Washington Nationals preview today.  It's a good look.  One should check it out were one to be interested in such a thing. 

Anyone who really thinks they know what's going to happen with this team is crazy.  Everyone thought they would be so epically bad last year that the stadium might implode.  They weren't.  No one thought they would compete for the division in their first season until fading down the stretch.

The point here is that there are just too many variables with this team this year.  The new yard, the young players, players returning from absences, too many characters (Elijah Dukes anyone?).  Here are some of the questions that will need to be answered:

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Sweet 16 Madness Update: Likes/Dislikes posted on 03/24/2008

Here is what I mean for likes and dislikes:

 Teams that I like, I thought were either underrated, were going to fly under the radar on the way to big things, or had a chance to go really far.

Teams that I dislike, I thought were overrated, vulnerable, or under no circumstances, would they go far.

Here's the update:

Like List: 

Winsconsin: Still playing, still nasty.

Vanderbilt: Thanks for showing up guys.  F the SEC.

Xavier: Still nasty.

Notre Dame: Really?  Washington State is that tough?  You average over 80 a game and you put up 41?  Thanks for that fellas.

Michigan State: If this team had a website, it would be

Not a bad list.  Thanks again to the parlay of Vandy and ND.  You bunch of nerds.

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Madness posted on 03/19/2008

It's that time again.  Fill out your brackets.  Go back and forth over a 2nd round matchup.  Convince yourself of absurd things because it's that time of year.  65 man enter, 1 man leave.  Welcome to Thunderdome.  Welcome to March Madness.

Here's why I stopped filling out brackets for money.  I know too much.  That's not bragging.  It's to my detriment.  I watch more college basketball than anyone who doesn't watch college basketball for a job.  I'll take a job if you're offering.  I overthink it.  I see a team play and I make my own judgements.  I read all the experts and change my judgements.  I read how every team can win the thing and next thing you know, I have one bracket with four #1 seeds and another bracket with 2 #4s, a #7, and a #2.  It's like a go fish hand.

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