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I'm new to blogging. I'm a history major at Virginia Tech with roots in the DC area and rooting interests in the Nationals, Capitals, Redskins, Hokies and Cubs.

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Moving out posted on 05/05/2008
I'm taking my last final exam tonight and then packing up my stuff and heading home tomorrow. Sorry, but I won't be blogging again until tomorrow.

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Tim Redding posted on 05/04/2008
What an outing today! In the first game I actually got to watch on TV for quite a while, Redding pitched what was for the most part a gem. While he tailed off a bit after I stopped watching, he threw 6 and 1/3 innings and allowed 6 hits, 1 run (on an Adam Laroche HR) and struck out 5 Pirates against 0 walks. He tossed 96 pitches, 64 of which were strikes. He and Lo Duca were definitely on the same page (trust me, Carpenter and Sutton let us know about once per batter), and his fastball, off-speed stuff and breaking pitches were all "on" today. Maybe this is the pitcher Redding was once supposed to be (look at 2000 and 2001). Whatever it is, He could very likely be starting for a contender if he keeps this up, with a low-ish ERA and a salary of only $1 million.

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Unsubstantiated Trade Rumor of the Day posted on 05/03/2008

Here's my first installment of the UTROTD! Let me first say that this IS NOT A REAL TRADE and is COMPLETELY UNSUBSTANTIATED.

The Detroit Tigers trade UTIL Brandon Inge to the Houston Astros for SP Felipe Paulino and SP Bud Norris

Why it makes sense for the Tigers:
At this point in time, Inge is turning into a big headache. The Tigers have a handful of players that can play multiple positions (Sheffield, Cabrera, Guillen, etc.) so the loss of his utility wouldn't hurt them that much. They could use an heir to Pudge, and while James Skelton is a decent prospect, he's still years away. It also wouldn't hurt to dump Inge's $6 mil/year or so salary. Adding arms never hurts, even though Paulino is on the DL right now. We did see an injured top prospect traded in Humberto Sanchez in the Gary Sheffield trade, so it can be done.

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Saturday's Roundup posted on 05/03/2008

First off, I find it incredibly ironic that one of the NFL's most respected players, Marvin Harrison, is in some trouble. Even though things are pointing at this time toward the fact that he's not responsible, I still find it hard to believe that he could have even gotten himself in that position in the first place.

The Nats got creamed yesterday and pulled out a close one today, both against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

John Lannan got roughed up in last night's 11-4 loss, allowing 6 runs (5 earned) in only 3 innings. If he continues his 2:1 ratio of quality starts to complete implosions, he should be safe on the Nats' staff. His 3:2 K:BB ratio is a bit frightening at this point (although it's better than last year's atrocity of 10 K to 17 BB). At least he's getting a chance unlike last year where guys like Levale Speigner and Jerome Williams got way too many starts.

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What I'm here to do posted on 05/03/2008

Congratulations! You've stumbled upon my new blog. Since I'm a student and have very little credibility when it comes to sports (just a foaming-at-the-mouth passion), you're just going to have to trust me at first.

I'll be blogging mostly about the Nats, Caps and Redskins. I will also claim the Cubs as my own, as they were the baseball team I was raised on. I will periodically drop notes on other teams and players, but my main focus will be DC area sports teams (minus the Wizards, because I know absolutely nothing about basketball).

Some of the things I'm going to try and do on a daily basis are:

1) Come up with an unsubstantiated trade rumor of the day, every day, usually for the Nationals or Cubs. I will look through their team needs (or wants, or surpluses) and find a team that matches up and try and come up with a trade partner. While I am no GM, I don't think I'll be too far off with anything.

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